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Private Investigation & Protection Agency



Assets Search and Verification

Property Ownership
We are able to trace the history of a property for you. This is especially useful in real estate transaction cases.

Tax Lien Records

We can find out how much money is owed on a lien, the types of taxes owed and how much time is left to make up the balance on that lien. We have access to special data systems not accessible to the general public so if there are any disputes of addresses, we are able to find the correct ownership of that property.

Vehicle Registration and Ownership

We can quickly and discreetly find out vehicle registration and ownership through our special databases.

VIN Trace

A Vehicle Identification Number is essentially a car’s fingerprint because every vehicle has its own VIN. Through a VIN search, we can access information on thefts, warranty claims, registrations, insurance coverage and recalls.

Employment Verification

We will find out where the Subject works and how much they make.

Civil and Criminal Cases

Criminal Defense
We find witnesses and search for evidence to show the jury if there is reasonable doubt. We review the entire case, search all police records, the charges and study the laws related to each crime and work with the criminal defense lawyer team on your case. We find out whether or not there are any inconsistencies from witnesses, ulterior motives and we can go back to the crime scene to see if anything has been missed.

Criminal Background Check

We verify the identity of a Subject, and we check for any criminal records since the age of 18. Custom request full reports which include charges, disposition, inmate or incarceration numbers and pictures if available.

Federal, State and Civil Court Records

We can verify if a Subject has been involved in violations of constitutional rights or federal statutes.


We can locate anyone throughout the United States. We have access to various resources not available to the general public; if you need to locate someone outside of the United States, we can get the job done.

Sex Offender Search

Our agency can search to see if a Subject has committed a sex crime. Crimes that require mandatory sex offender registration may include kidnapping, rape and child pornography.

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We can locate debtors and eventually have them face their creditor in legal proceedings. We can locate Subjects who have jumped bail and arrange for their arrest.


We serve legal documents and locate Subjects who need to appear in court or for depositions. Many times, these persons are difficult to locate because they may be on the run and attorneys hire us to track them down.


Through the use of stationary and mobile surveillance, we obtain the whereabouts and activities of the Subject.

Corporate Services

Business Criminal Search and Records

Are you investing in a business? Are you about to hire a business partner? This decision is not to be taken lightly and we encourage you to investigate further, so there is no doubt. Let us research the financial history and possible criminal history of the Subject and/or Business Entity.

Copyright and Trademark Violations

Is someone using your intellectual property without your permission? We handle cases dealing with counterfeits, forgeries, patent and copyright violations to help protect your product that you have worked so hard to create.

DBA/FBN Search

Doing Business As searches and Fictitious Business Name searches are services we provide to our Clients.

Pre-Employment Screening

Running a business takes a lot of work and dedication. Finding the right employees to hire is also integral to the continuation of your corporate success. Our agency will perform a background check on your applicants to ensure the person you see on paper is the same as the person you are interviewing face-to-face.

FEIN-Tax ID Search

We can identify businesses operating in the U.S. through a search of their 9-digit Federal Employer Identification Number issued by the IRS.

Professional Licenses Search

Our agency can find out if a professional license has been issued to a business or person, if their license is active or inactive, the date of license expiration and if any professional license violations appear on their history.

Undercover Investigations

Do you own a business and think your employees are stealing from you? Our undercover investigators can pose as new employees and gain their trust; there are many ways we can find information covertly such as video surveillance.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

We will research the company’s procedures, rules, and policies and interview the parties involved and witnesses. Our experienced workplace investigators will obtain the trust of those involved facilitating a more in-depth investigation making those involved feel more comfortable and willing to speak.

Cyber Investigations

Phone Trace

Trace a phone call to a person.

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Are you receiving harassing phone calls? Find out who is behind it.

Reverse E-Mail Lookup

Email fraud is a growing issue. Find out if that email address is valid and really in existence.

Social Media Report

Our agency will find all social media connections on a Subject.

Unlisted Number Search

Need to find a long lost friend? We can help!

Family Cases

Assets and Banking Information

We can dig deep and find assets that a Subject may be trying to hide.

Child Custody

We understand that child custody cases are a delicate matter. Your child’s safety and well-being is our priority. Our goal is to gather accurate and detailed evidence to demonstrate if the other parent is qualified and fit for visitation and custody.


Going through a divorce is never an easy thing. It can be a long and emotionally-draining process, especially if children are involved. We can find out if your spouse is hiding money, cheating on you, and can document whether or not your spouse is a fit parent.


Is your significant other coming home late from work; being distant with you; is there a remarkable increase or decrease in the bedroom; being more secretive about phone calls? Do you have a “hunch” or a feeling that deception is involved? Let us ease your mind and find out the truth.

Missing Persons

We have worked in several missing persons cases, runaways and cold cases. Loved ones hire us to try and solve these mysteries. Private investigators are employed when often times law enforcement simply doesn’t have the manpower and/or other types of cases have taken priority for them. We also have worked alongside law enforcement agencies. Our team is experienced and has no problem being on the streets, dealing with drug addicts, the homeless and shady individuals.

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a $32 billion annual global industry and unfortunately, it is no longer a Third World country problem; it is in every major city of the USA. We work with local and federal law enforcement agencies, and some non-profit agencies to assist in locating these victims of sexual exploitation.

Sexual exploitation of children is a huge problem and technology plays a large role. Many young girls and boys are lured online by others posing as kids their age, or by money-making potential.

Families and friends of victims contact us for our help and we take each case very seriously. Many times police don’t have the sufficient manpower to keep up with these cases; we are here to support you.

Pre-Marital Background Checks

Marriage is perhaps the biggest decision of your life. Know who you are going to marry. Let us perform a background check on that person so there is no doubt of integrity.


We use stationary and mobile video surveillance to find the truth. All videos are time stamped and admissible in a court of law.

Insurance Fraud (SIU)

Accident Scene Reconstruction

We will determine how an accident happened and who was at fault. We perform interviews and take photographs of the scene and document all evidence to assist attorneys and insurance companies.

Slip and Falls

Was this slip and fall truly an accident or was it staged? Our experienced investigators will uncover the truth.


We use stationary and mobile video surveillance to find the truth. All videos are time stamped and admissible in a court of law.

Workers Compensation / Liability

Do you think an employee is lying about a work-related injury? We will find out! This can save your company a tremendous amount of money as well as bring justice to someone taking advantage of the system. We will determine if the claim is fake. We do recording statements and soft interviews.